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i. must go in new delhi sign a contract for the delivery of russia s four hundred air defense systems india defying a us threat of sanctions. also this hour a tribunal here's how agents for britain's emirate five secret service are allowed to break the law if it prevents a bigger problem. and the west hits out at russia's g.r.u. military intelligence service exposing an alleged campaign of cyber attacks around the world including on the international chemical weapons watchdog.
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this is r.t. international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned four pm welcome to the program. a vast contract to deliver russian s four hundred air defense systems to india has been signed by vladimir putin and the end drop modi leaders penned the deal despite washington's attempts to stop india citing. is in new delhi for us the whole scale of today's meeting while it was staggering if i was to list everything that the two leaders will discuss from nuclear corp to our great culture to space and so on and so forth could easily take the rest of the day and also a very warm very cordial atmosphere between the leaders are a. very special attention to its relationship with russia and this trust changing world the relationship is becoming even more important now nine hundred meeting gives a fresh impetus to a privilege to. have given new meaning to a mutual cooperation. zimmer used to be with me as our military cooperation goes
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beyond supplies of russian weapons our countries jointly make can develop military products we maintain regular contacts between the defense ministries and general staffs of our countries when discussing the international agenda we confirm that russia and india is here to similar positions on key global issues so we've decided to step up our cooperation so among all these deals one that particularly stands out is the one that finalized india's acquisition of russia's as four hundred anti-missile defense systems and it's not just about india expanding into defensive capabilities against its regional rivals like pakistan or china for example it's also new delhi sending a strong pure political message because you see every time someone shows interest or indeed by a russian advanced russian weapon washington falls flat with washington for example when china bought the very same anti-missile defense system which india has now ports and some fighter jets to go with it off russia it was slapped with sanctions
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and now india is defying this potential threat even though washington for example one pentagon general has said that while indeed sanctions are on the table it is ultimately up to donald trump eventually it will be donald trump's call whether or not to punish india for what it's doing so really it's interesting while russia and india are doing business it's fair to say that the ball is in washington's court. india's commerce and industry minister told us that relations between putin and modi are very close. but so you can you see this in between and my plan is to be the extremist going to. be able to really close the deal politically. as well as on so many issues each concerns with the countries. it's my job as a minister of commerce and industry and a reason to make sure. that we weighed against city so it was economically to the
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indisputable business he said listen to you going strong that it should. be happy to see that it is just and the biggest delegation from the shaved head we're going to come but it's going to be from india a list wouldn't that be talking to each other. russia found itself confronted on thursday over the alleged activities of its military intelligence service the g r u a number of western countries and international organizations called out moscow for dirty cyber tricks including hacking the international chemical weapons watchdog and even a russian news agency artists and hawkins breaks down the details. election interference troll factories this information man hacking we've heard most of it before but the latest charge sheet against russia is all encompassing and endless there were hundreds of victims targeted by these russian criminals if they flowers international law in this way russia's indiscriminate campaign of cyber attacks
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violations of several u.s. criminal laws they will be exposed russia must stop reckless and irresponsible behavior of. this directors of behavior the russian government needs to know they want to fully condemn this attack it will be exposed and it will be consequences it seems every accusation of malign activity over the last four years from the downing of m.h. seven team to the water doping scandal has come back all at once united under a common name and symbol before it was often vague russian hackers agents or just putin but apparently we can now name the entity responsible for everything all along the g r u russian military intelligence even specific names and faces have been linked with the alleged crimes seven individuals were indicted by the u.s. with four of them also accused the involvement in the netherlands o.p.c.
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w hack and three war already featured in robert mueller is continuing russia meddling probe. this group of just sixteen people is certainly kept busy according to the latest allegations how can the malaysia airlines probe the o.p.c. w solsbury poising investigation and he don't get agencies from canada to brazil the u.s. election you name it the hand of the g.r.u. is never far away and according to some the allegations are irrefutable proof of russia's guilt in all other incidents here you have evidence of the russian military launching a cyber attack on the very organization the international organization in the netherlands set up to investigate those novacek attacks and why would you do that if you were the guilty party and as we've seen before there's no need to me tell you real standards of evidence remember when the n.s.a. was accused of spying on charts of the merkel back in twenty fifteen well the
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german federal prosecutor in the system had a legal burden of proof to be met to prove this no such luxury what rushes in the dock they're almost certain and high confidence from u.k. security services are enough to beat the drum for new sanctions and anyway the soviet era k.g.b. is long gone the image of public enemy number one is long overdue for an overhaul and this is the perfect opportunity to consolidate the perfect storm i think this is a coordinated attack look this was got everything it's got it's got chemical weapons got election meddling it's got doping it's got every other thing you can think of that the russians are guilty of and i think this cloud about cues asians is its own purpose in a normal rational people would say well why would they be saving things unless they had some purpose in mind the purpose is to poison any possible rapprochement between washington especially and russia as donald trump said he wanted to do
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during the campaign to make sure they cannot happen and that relations continue to go from bad to worse we may not know the whole truth all which side is hiding so. thing but it's image and narrative which is important and the russians yo u. boat is becoming firmly embedded in public mind set. earlier we spoke to russia's envoy to the u.k. he claims that evidence from the british side is still lacking. we believe that this kind of statement reckless and explain why first of all this statements are not supported by any evidence this is first second we hear this kind of a legations for quite a now quite a time and in this the selden seventeen for former foreign secretary boris johnson was in moscow. a lover of russian foreign minister offered him to have a consultations on the cyber security and he said if you have any questions in
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connection with the alleged russian activity we can put this specialist from two countries sit down at the table and to discuss professionally what are the concerns of the british side the british refused to do this and instead of that they launched reckless attacks on us without any evidence this is quite a big story you know this is the name of the russian intelligence organisation you know if you names there are expelled and all these things but the beef i mean this is this substance is not. basically given so we're going to ask the british side to give more information on that and we're going to repeat our call if you have some information please share this information and we are ready to sit down in full. for thirty years agents and informants of britain's homeland
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security service m i five have been allowed to commit crimes on british soil without fear of prosecution if it prevents more serious offensive that's what a tribunals currently underway in london has heard and has the details. this is indeed a case that was brought forward by four human rights groups including privacy international and reprieve who are arguing that it's important to know the extent of the seriousness of the crimes that m i five could have potentially been getting away with it abuse that the security service believes that good if it thinks it would be in the public interest authorized but disciplined torture sexual assault to the grave grooming now would see in the well of this tribunal heard from these groups bringing forward the allegations and demanding answers to a secret policy and what was referred to as british domestic security services the m i five working under secret policy that has been dubbed the third direction it
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was said that this is a policy that has been in place for decades under different versions and is still in place today and according to these groups bringing this case forward they are saying it is crucial to find out whether or not any of those actions could have been violations of human rights of basic human rights so that's what they want to know and in terms of the documents that were presented at these hearings there was one very largely redacted government policy document that essentially talks about the occasional necessity of criminality when it comes to such issues as well as a letter dating back to twenty twelve written by then prime minister david cameron to a judge who is overseeing such issues at the at the time essentially calling for him to not pay too much attention to the legality of such operations. this acuity service has a long standing policy for the agent handlers to agree to agents participating in
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crime for the avoidance of doubt i should be clear that such oversight would not provide endorsement of the legality of the policy you would not be asked to provide a view on whether any particular case should be referred to the prosecuting authorities well in this letter david cameron does bring up the question of a potentially making this information public and then goes on to say he kind of decides against it citing as has become so traditional national security so given really the thick veil of secrecy surrounding this issue as well as the apparent longstanding existence of such conduct of operation it really seems like this is a case that is going to be dragging out for quite some time. the u.s. congress has approved the creation of a sixty billion dollar investment agency to fund projects in developing countries but it's led some to question what president donald trump's top priority is to make america great again or to challenge china explains donald trump's plan to put
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america first i will always put america first america first america first rebuilding restore america's depleted infrastructure and i've been in construction and building all my life i love it. i love the smell of a construction site right the roads railways power plants and water systems of the united states are still in some pretty poor conditions but donald trump said that fixing it up would be a breeze if the structure is the easiest of all but now the department of transport disagrees with him there appears to be a lock of consensus and how to pay for this and tom told us how he was going to pay for rebuilding the united states he was going to do it by cutting overseas spending we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east seven trillion dollars what a mistake we're trying to build roads and bridges and fix bridges that are falling
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down and we have a hard time getting the money it's crazy and the usa is already saving money this way they've just cut aid to the pakistanis to the palestinians and to the united nations so are you ready to start revving up those drills and jackhammers are you ready to start pouring some cement and laying rails well yes but not in the usa the usa is about to spend sixty billion dollars to build infrastructure in developing countries sixty billion does that number sound familiar well it should that's the amount of money china promised to africa last month and it's pretty clear that u.s. politicians heard about it this investment will allow us to reduce poverty in areas that are critical to our national security compete with chinese influence in the developing world so if you were all excited about railways and highways and development here at home wait a minute looks like america is not going to be first after all it's a very strange situation to be talking about one being sixty billion dollars in
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infrastructure development in the third world which certainly needs it while not funding the disastrous infrastructure in the us which is as bad as in the third world i don't see it going anywhere frankly big. i think when this comes out an american see it happening they're going to freak out because our roads are as bad as third world roads why it didn't happen was because. the other things he wanted to do more which was to give tax breaks to the rich and to. a huge huge increase in the military budget. as caleb mentioned earlier the u.s. is seeking to compete with chinese influence in the developing world and it looks like washington is already attacking beijing on several fronts first there's america's trade war with china and now vice president mike pence is claiming that
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beijing is trying to remove trump from the white house china has responded strongly accusing washington of interfering and other country's affairs china has initiated an unprecedented effort to influence american public opinion the two thousand and eighteen elections and the environment leading into the twenty twenty presidential elections china wants a different american president after trump brought in the first wave of tariffs on chinese goods beijing answered with restrictions on u.s. imports it also filed an official complaint with the world trade organization washington then followed up with more than two hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs against china and we tell you did by imposing sixty billion and levy it's also china has announced it's stopping all american oil imports one of the country's top crude carriers says business has quote totally stopped beijing have been the second largest importer of us oil jeffrey albert tucker from the american institute for economic research thinks that china may have the upper hand in this
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trade war. do us is that going to lose because if you look at what's happening in the china right now they're actually lowering terrorists on many goods or. from imports from other countries besides the rest like actually lowering to. so it's actually a good thing for chinese consumers and it's good it's going to help the chinese economy and china is seeking to become. independent in terms of its fuel needs from the u.s. going forward this is a presumption widely shared all over china and they're definitely going to achieve it because the u.s. does not have a monopoly on oil exports so they're going to get away with it and it's actually in the end really going to hurt u.s. exports. coming up in the program hundreds are arrested during a protest against the u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh that story and more after this short break.
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how can real compel those books cool and closed doors will simply be. accepting acknowledging and recognizing the independence of kosovo. unilaterally proclaimed. they were doing some. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten collar crime tempi each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he wants to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with one hundred to five hundred three per
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circuit first second and when rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remembering one one doesn't show you know or to miss the why. normally. this is art international welcome back to the program a former international monetary fund boss is facing jail for alleged misuse of company credit cards and he's far from the only i.m.f. chief to have spectacularly fallen from grace.
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and for several years dominique strobes took part to six parties around the world that involved prostitutes the former i.m.f. chief has been charged with involvement in a prostitution ring off reading out of french luxury hotels. i am not satisfied with it but there's a point in telling when one i was just. told the page move on.
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hundreds have been arrested during a sit in protest at u.s. senate offices against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. crowds march to two senate office buildings with banners and signs protestors at one of the buildings will be a trim and when they refuse to leave at least made some three hundred arrests the protests came after reports that the f.b.i. had failed to find evidence supporting sexual misconduct allegations against capital and although the documents have not been released they're already firing up republican enthusiasm for the midterms us america reports. it just might be the first time that the ruling party retains congress after midterms and the midterms
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are just about a month away in november and a new poll shows that eighty percent of americans from both parties see it as very important now in july the poll showed a ten percent gap between republicans and democrats but democrats unanimously to continue its efforts to destroy supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh who was accused of sexual assault but this strategy doesn't seem to be working for that trump has hammered democrats for this at his rally in west virginia you see what's going on you see this horrible horrible radical group of democrats you see it happening right now they don't get hurt. in order to get power some have noted that all conservatives not just republicans are taking kavanagh's side saying that this liberal scandal has united the right against democrats and apparently this scandal has reminded them that liberals hate them more than they hate the president saying that they are that deplorable so now
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so we'll just have to wait to see if these predictions do come true in november so the backlash to cavanagh's nomination manned up playing into the republicans hands of political commentator anthony logan thinks there would have been an outcry whoever had nominated. a brick oven on himself is not really the issue here it could have been anybody could have been somebody on a lift anybody they will put in people will be against simply because donald trump and he believes he should change the direction of the country and also solidifies legacy people want him to be a one term president to lift their put a lot of money a lot of resources and a lot of time into their kennedy's we don't quite understand how the money they put into it or candidates is also going to impact and empower the opposite because we see how much effort they're put into it every thing that happens whether it was a new. supreme court just put in an air bridge kavanaugh now the midterms i feel
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like the left the extremes it is they feel like there's an opportunity for these people to come out and express themselves or try to start shown they'll take advantage of his. ahead of the christmas shopping rush amazon's announced its hiking its minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour in a bid to attract new workers it comes at a time when the country's unemployment level is at an all time low and was in need to hire a lot of people in a short period of time and the question is how many people want to do that kind of work fifteen dollars an hour will help we listen to our critics though holland about what we wanted to do and decided we want to lead. president dollars from house previously attacked amazon over its tax setup and criticize its low payments to the u.s. postal service which delivers its parcels senator bernie sanders who joined the criticism says other companies should now follow the lead of amazon boss jeff bezos i want to congratulate was based on was doing exactly the right the yes raise the
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minimum wage to fifteen dollars and i won't go up because the base of those has indicated his support for raising the national minimum wage earlier we spoke with artist lee can host of redacted tonight things amazon's real aim is to attract good publicity. i don't know if sanders still has some complaints i certainly hope he does it is not something that amazon just willingly did it with big came about because workers organize they work together they spoke up about their situation and i think that's great i think it's great for these employees to have fifteen dollars an hour but the truth is we as a people are now waiting for the crumbs of of corporate america we're waiting to see what little pieces they'll dish out to us and that two billion that he gives to charity is it's better than nothing but it is a disgusting scenario in a world that has abundance
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a world that could feed everyone that could house everyone and we're supposed to celebrate that you know jeff bezos gave what to him is a couple of dollars to help these people that are exploited in our system that's a global news break down for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like facebook twitter and instagram for up to the minute reports thanks for tuning in. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it means no in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying news
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just no really that hasn't been that we want even many of victims families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. the idea of freedom of speech is under threat speaking your mind can blind you into serious trouble now you are presumed guilty and must prove your innocence the herd moves and a sovereign individual has cowed into silence speech has been redefined as purchasing . cooked additional subversive note of what was and etc to linger some of these it's just the bullets you're looking it's not the most.
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simple yet so intimate you can also proceed. to look at with a showing of the where the ship is going to win the church. and you think i'm sure you have your fish so to. both of shipping. yup and most of those the book is the work of the books in your book of still missing notes so i do know what the movie. was the latest news is in the us. but arsenal boys are all right so you. but this was the. worst. it. was a. church secret indeed priests accused of sexually abusing
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children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice sussan to that end of as old as the eye and then i think you look at tuesday's out in. its path.
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well welcome to sophie and co i'm so think shevardnadze serbia's course of you integration is impeded once again by simmering tensions with costs of a possible grade going to go around that eastern region in any danger well today i talk about that and more with the president of serbia alexander which belgrade is no longer an enemy of the worst twenty years after nato bombed serbia the country is on a path towards the e.u. and cooperating with the transatlantic military bloc but the question of the breakaway province of constable is still unresolved will it keep the old in country from. integrating you do you are going to manage to become a part of the list still keeping traditional toni's with the. president which is welcome to moscow great to have you on our program it's a first very pleased to hear.


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